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As a dedicated freelance web developer, I operate with minimal overhead costs compared to larger agencies. This lean approach allows me to deliver professional web development services at a more affordable price. Additionally, by specializing in user-friendly platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify, I'm able to create beautiful, functional websites efficiently, saving time without compromising quality. This efficiency translates into cost savings for you, the client. Plus, my 3-tier pricing model means I'm committed to supporting businesses at different stages, offering competitive rates that suit various budgets. I'm passionate about making high-quality web design accessible to all businesses, regardless of their size or stage.

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Tier 1: Website Setup

The Website Setup tier is the foundation of your online presence. For businesses just starting out or seeking a fresh look, this package covers all the basics to get your website up and running. I'll provide an initial consultation to understand your goals and vision, then select a suitable template from a platform such as Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify. The website will be tailored to your brand with basic customization, including color scheme, typography, and layout adjustments. I'll integrate your content across multiple pages, set up your site's basic SEO for better visibility on search engines, and ensure it's fully responsive for optimal viewing across different devices. This plan is perfect for businesses looking for a simple, yet professional online presence at an affordable rate.

Tier 2: Low Maintenance

The Low Maintenance tier is designed for businesses that have a website but require professional help for minor updates and improvements. Ideal for maintaining a fresh and up-to-date online presence without the need for extensive involvement. Each month, I'll update your website content, monitor its performance, provide basic customer support, and perform platform and plugin updates. Additionally, I'll ensure your site's security by regularly checking for vulnerabilities and addressing them promptly. This plan also includes basic SEO maintenance, where your website's SEO will be reviewed and tweaked monthly to maintain or improve its search engine ranking. The Low Maintenance plan lets you focus on your core business while I handle the upkeep of your digital presence.

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Tier 3: High Maintenance

The High Maintenance tier is the most comprehensive package I offer, curated for businesses that need extensive customization, complex functionalities, and regular updates. This all-inclusive plan ensures your website stays on the cutting edge, reflecting your brand accurately and providing an exceptional user experience. Building upon the features of the Website Setup and Low Maintenance plans, this tier offers weekly content updates to keep your site fresh and engaging. I provide advanced performance monitoring, priority customer support, and sophisticated SEO optimization for improved search engine rankings. Regular security checks and backups ensure your site's safety and smooth recovery in case of any issues. Furthermore, I assist with the integration of complex features such as e-commerce functions, booking systems, and membership areas. The High Maintenance plan offers a complete digital solution, allowing you to fully focus on your business while I expertly manage your online presence.

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